martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

Flisol 2010 Corrientes, DVDs OpenSUSE, openSUSE Community

Things are moving - somewhat - in background at the Flisol 2010 Corrientes organization, the main team from the Instel Institute (an IT local enterprise, with a very pro opensource community attitude,, is working with the CECENA (student's centre), at FACENA-UNNE (the computer's cience faculty at the university), for to bring renovated sucess to this year Flisol Corrientes.

The last year, the Corrientes Flisol was one of the most concurred event at LATAM, and probably the most concurred Flisol at Argentina. This happened not without some surprise in the team behind the organization, but was welcomed as a recognizing from the local IT fan guys and opensource fans in general to the efforts putted before the whole thing. This year the challenge is to repeat the last year success, but not in the sense of just to have a lot of people listening the talks, but in the experience the people who will assist is going to have.

This morning I asked for event stuff - dvds - to some people at openSUSE community. I mean, to have 100 to 200 original openSUSE dvds in the middle of an install fest can't hurt anybody. Maybe - I'm waiting yet for a confirmation - even we could get some extra stuff, but I can not confirm anything at all yet. There are no more 11.2 dvds available at this point, but there many remanent 11.1 dvds, so 11.1 will be (I've asked Andreas for about 300 dvds!!!, I hope the mailmain do not miss the postal thing :-).

The talk I'm going to present, "Meet Opensuse" will be related to show the distro to a non technical audience and probably I'll include some fun technical tips for the other ones (a video taking the default Gnome and KDE to the last stable version using Yast maybe?), but I do not only want to talk about the distro, doing that could be somehow a mistake, so I'm going to talk about the openSUSE Community, diferentiating it from the "Novell people", and reviewing some achivements from it. If the time permits it, I will like to show some cool tricks you can do with the distro using the community supplied infrastructure, mainly the Build Service, the one-click stuff, the extra repositories, and additionally I'm going to review the howto material hosted at the community site, the fine openSUSE related tutorials at personal blogs all around the Internet.

Right now, I hava another talk is in standby, "Log File Analysis" but the organizers may reconsider to include it in the event because there are a lot of talk proposals for to be included in the program, we'll see.

For the install fest I've been planifying to deploy either openSUSE 11.2 or 11.1 (given the old dvds situation), but I'm considering to include also the distro updates to at least a few days before the Flisol, the KDE 4.4.2 and Gnome 2.2.29 (it'll be .30 at that date), from the optional/extra community repositories. I need to figure out how to replicate and update them in a useful way till it comes the Flisol date (some rsync and cron hackery almost certainly).

More news to come in the next days.

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